Why to use landing page and what is the use?

Why to use landing page and what is the use?

In digital space when we talk about landing page it’s quite obvious to get confused. Then raises a question Why should you use a landing page and what is the use? Why not a home page can be a landing page?

If a landing page is just a page you arrive at after clicking on a link, is that page can’t be anything? Why not user be directed to your home page so that users can see everything you’ve got to offer?

Here comes the answer for all your questions

What is a landing page ?

First, let’s discuss about what a landing page does. The purpose of a landing page is to get leads, so it’s not necessarily your home page. It make people to land on the exact page they refer to. So it even clears the confusion instead going to home page. If user lands on landing page, that means you want them to take action, whether that’s:

1. Taking advantage of a sales promotion
2. Subscribing to your newsletter or email list
3. Buying something from you
4. Registering for your webinar, or
5. Submitting their email for your lead-generation prospects.

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Lets know the role of landing page in Digital Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing landing page is a versatile tool. By using it, you can gear up the audience that’s truly invested in your business, because – as we mentioned above – the whole point of a landing page is to get customers converted.

How does a good landing page look like?

Here are a few tips for creating a high appeal landing page:

Gain attention with a clear headline: Why have you directed your visitors to this page in particular? What’s the point?

Make sure your CTA game is strong: Calls to action are extremely important on a landing page. Make it happy on your visitors and tell them exactly what to do so you can get the results you want.

Use video: Video is a great advantage and asset in your digital marketing strategy in general, and it has a high conversion rate when used on landing pages.

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