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The use of # hashtag for social media marketing is not so new, yeah but we can say its “Trending” as all we wanted to say in one word. The one-stop resource that tells about the use hashtags, how many hashtags to use, where to find trending hashtags and what kind of exposure hashtags can give you across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and more.

The keys to your hashtag journey as follows:

The History of the Hashtag
social hashtag
Use of Hashtags

The hashtag symbol itself came into existence sometime around the 14th century. As it was invented by a telephone technician and later in it was used on telephone keypads.

It wasn’t called hashtag until its usage became popular on Twitter. From there, hashtags gained momentum, eventually, it became a social media commodity now.

Take a look how do we use hashtags on each social media platform.

Use of Hashtags on Facebook

Hashtags in Fb

Hashtags on Facebook can get your posts more exposure but you have to use them in a right manner.Less usage of hashtags as it will make your business look annoying or else spammy. Try to go for a token of 2 hashtags per post for the best engagement. If you use more than two hashtags in a Facebook post, research suggests you’ll see less engagement.
Make your Facebook post public and make sure to allow people to follow you. Otherwise, only friends and followers will see your posts with hashtags. When you make your Facebook post public, it will enable anyone to see the post if they search for a hashtag that you’ve included in a post.

Use of Hashtags on Twitter

hashtags in twitter

Tweets with hashtags tend to see significantly more engagement than tweets without, but as usual, there are rules about using hashtags on Twitter, including how to use hashtags in Twitter ads. Tweets with a token of 2 hashtags see, on average, around 21% more engagement – The key tip here is don’t go overboard. Just a couple of hashtags in your tweet should do the trick. Be careful using hashtags in ads on Twitter as research shows that you’ll probably get more ad clicks if you don’t use a hashtag.

Use of Hashtags on Instagram

hashtags in Insta

If it seems as if it smudge across all social media platforms. In Instagram using the token of 2 hashtags is not mandatory. There are so many Instagram posts have seemingly endless hashtags.Always use hashtags on Instagram – You’ll get 14% more engagement on average, so it pays to use relevant tags. More token of hashtags is cool for Instagram you can add many more hashtags on Instagram posts.


Use of Hashtags on LinkedIn

hashtags in linkedin

LinkedIn hasn’t always supported hashtags but, LinkedIn hashtags are back now. You can use them in pretty much the same way you’d use a hashtag anywhere else. People can search for hashtags on LinkedIn in the same way they can on other platforms, and LinkedIn uses hashtags to monitor what’s important to users so it can show them more relevant content.
Add hashtags to your business’s profile as this will give more visibility to the site. The use hashtags in LinkedIn Publisher posts – If you write long-form content on LinkedIn, add some relevant hashtags to the body of your article to help LinkedIn categorize your content and show it to interested users.
No optimal number – Because hashtags are a newer feature on LinkedIn. So it’s best to stick to a token of 2 hashtags. This will give more exposure without making you look like spam.

Use of Hashtags on Google+

hashtags in G+
Google Plus

Hashtags on Google+ are different than hashtags on other platforms. They’ll still help you reach more people than posts that don’t include hashtags, but that’s where the similarities end.Hashtags have a greater influence on Google+ than other platforms. To get more engagement on Google Plus, hashtags are the key. Hashtags on G+ can have SEO benefits. If you search for a hashtag on Google, you may see a sidebar that shows Google+ posts related to your search. There’s not a lot of research on Google+ hashtags, so go for a token of 3 hashtags.

Some Fewer Tips for Using Hashtags for Social Media Marketing (SMM)

As with all things marketing, you should do a little research on hashtags before you go throwing them into every social media post you publish for your business.
Look at what your competition is doing with hashtags. Are they using any at all? Do they get to attack their followers with hashtags?

These Hashtag Research Tools Might Will Avail You!

Ritetag -This will help to find out hashtags with high engagement rates on the Twitter account.
Twitonomy – This will monitor Twitter hashtag analytics.
Hashtagify – This will help you find trending Twitter hashtags.

Hope this blog has been provided some guidance and intuition by helping you to give less space between you and hashtag.

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