mobile application development

What is Mobile Application Development?

Mobile application development is the process of producing software programs that operate on a cellular device, and a standard mobile application uses a network connection to work with remote computing…

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digital marketing

AI a Major Digital Transformation in 2018

Artificial Intelligence is already in a dynamically evolving phase by revolutionizing industries one by one. Advent increase in technology affects the business strategies and operations.AI holds a huge potential in…

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Video Calling feature Coming soon on Instagram

Instagram is now looking to become a full-fledged communication platform as it will have a video calling feature in the near future . Instagram is planning to debut a video…

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AI and SMM

Why Google AdWords Construct Ads By Using AI ?

Artificial Intelligence is a visual communication by machines. As Google wants AI to make more ads. This made the lives of galore in an easy way. As AdWords users have…

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Paytm: Digital Gold – How to buy or sell Digital Gold ?

One of the India’s largest e-commerce and e-payments company paytm , is now offering Digital Gold to its users. In October 2017 on  Dhanteras day, paytm claims that over one million buyers have purchased…

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