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SEO and Content Marketing takes time, and whereas we see many blogs about how you can increase your blog traffic in just a couple of months. But, here we are going to talk about long-term ideas which will result in sustainable growth in the Digital Marketing.

A blog should be a powerful marketing and lead-generation tool that contributes a stronger presence in the search engines. At the same time, it can be a drainpipe on your time and resources that hangs over your head, demanding a constant stream of new content.

The dept knowledge of why it happened isn’t important anymore because now new ideologies for blogs have been created. The workload for clients demanded more time from everyone and that’s why, strategies are changing.


Does any of this view seem familiar in your work area ?

Sometimes it’s been noticed some immediate increases in traffic in your website in the first few months, but what you will get out of all this?

Here we’re not going to provide some kind of cryptic formula to restore the relationship between you and your blog. We would deliver some reliable and repeatable strategies for consistent blog growth.

Take a tour on Content Calendar

Sometimes, it feels like half the battle with a blog is coming up with fresh ideas for engaging content. How many times can you write about basically the same thing? It’s easy to fall into a groove of producing content for the sake of publishing content it’s there, it’s online, it has keywords, but it doesn’t have a lot of potentials to escape that groove. The solution we found was to engage more people in the creation of the content calendar. Even if they couldn’t write anything for the blog, they certainly had the knowledge and experience to recommend some great topics. Create some catch-able titles which were eventually organized and put into a content calendar, this will include some information that made it more usable than just a list of blog titles.

Here, you can catch out –

seo traffic

  • The type of content
  • The category/topic that the content covered
  • Effective and catchy title
  • The offer (the call to action) that would be included
  • Space to track if it had been assigned, written, published, and link integrated.


These will be working great for a while, and it will be quickly learned about the importance of flexibility in writing blog. Keep trying to change the calendar weekly or monthly, it will impact a good result for current needs. Then you can optimize the result for getting good conversions by including more relevant CTAs. This is, after all, a content calendar, not an unavailable work of art.

What Character Is Played By SEO In This? SEO is big picture stuff. You can’t just do the latest SEO on one page and off page which will be expected to succeed.

Would this SEO page have performed well without taking care of any technical details? It’s complicated to answer this, but we can say that it at least contribute to have more explosive growth.

 To conclude the above pragraph, I would say that—Content Marketing & SEO go hand-in-hand, and you can’t do one without the other.

Making it in a simple way to understand

Create encouraging content based on long-tail keywords that are related to the topic. This will help you cover a wide range of subjects and even help you fill out that content calendar. After all, we’ve already got a ton of information in our surrounding. We just had to sharpen up our mind to update blogs with links to the content pillars as well as some of the other relevant blogs. Lastly, make sure you’re supporting all these steps with proper promotion across your social channels.

Remember that your overall strategies for verbal creation will have a big impact on your blog traffic, so don’t just publish!

What type of content do you use in your posts? What content do you like on other sites? Let us know your views about all these in the comment section. If you want to acknowledge more on digital marketing with AI tools and SMM then take a my blog

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