AI a Major Digital Transformation in 2018

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Artificial Intelligence is already in a dynamically evolving phase by revolutionizing industries one by one. Advent increase in technology affects the business strategies and operations.AI holds a huge potential in the field of digital marketing by providing a better customer experience, targeted marketing and predictive analysis that gives a major impact in obtaining high ROI to business.

AI and Digital Marketing

Marketers were hesitant to incorporate artificial intelligence into their strategies. While with the broad impact AI continues to be the important for business. Marketers witnessed confidence by practical application. They observed that there is less confusion with the application and reaped significant benefits.

Let’s check out how AI can impact digital marketing and what are the capable areas where AI can tremendously boost digital marketing.


1.Makes Your Decisions Easier with Predictive Marketing

AI and SMMWondering how it works?

AI analysis collects all data generated, when a user browses on internet. The obtained data provides the information like user needs and future actions. Further helping in optimizing the marketing and getting the most relevant information. 

This further reduces the sales-cycle work as the relevant information is handed over to customers all at one go. The predictive campaigns can drastically reduce customer research on the product. From the view of marketers, they can continue to analyze the buyer through data and even make the customers re-engage.

AI-enabled algorithms will have a huge impact on the current ‘hotshots’ like SEO. With AI powering, trends such as SEO and Banner Ads may become obsolete.

2.Personalizing the user experience

This is the major breakthrough where AI can create a significant impact. In digital marketing, content play a vital role, in turning readers into customers. So, if content marketing strategy is aligned with artificial intelligence it could show the ultimate impact. The strategy would be Based on data gathered, such as customer interests, buying behavior and especially on customer search. Gathered data would be use to run customized content campaigns.

AI with digital marketing
chat bots

Chat bots are another example of AI interference which are designed to interact with the customers. This would completely enhance the user experience. Traditional chat box and text communication will soon give away to a multi-dimensional approach with sensory abilities such as voice and touch. It would deliver virtual experience as talking to a real person with consciousness.

Augmented reality, will help user to make easy decision as they are able to perceive the product even before purchasing. This will regulate a quicker response from the customer and in turn generates the revenue.

3.Using image recognition to get maximum ROI

artificial intelligence Image recognition was confined only to identify the objects, but with the emerging technology AI can assist to get the complete information of an image.

There are many ways of using the above accumulated information for more benefits. Such as in Banking Sector, making the fastest payment process and improved customer’s security.

The social media outreach is more with the images. According to the research, the world population shares around 4 billion images a day. Machine language software will look for images in social media and compare it to a large image library to draw relation. Thus, reducing time and increasing accuracy.

AI will align the marketing strategies in more improved way in order to extract maximum Return on Investment.


Artificial intelligence will bring marketers and customers closer in the coming years. There will be a mutual benefits on both side, customers in better understanding of a product and marketers in better understanding of consumers. Artificial Intelligence acts as a link between Customer and marketer.

With artificial intelligence as the connecting link between them, it would be interesting to see how digital marketing turns out in 2018.Predictive analysis will Optimize decision making, and better sales-cycle. But this time both customers and brands would be on the winning side.

Let’s watch how marketers are going to use this Artificial Intelligence and multiply their revenue.

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